Master the Art of Expiry Day Trading

3 Expiries | 5 Stratagies | 2% Risk Model

4 Hr. Live Masterclass on April 28th @ 7 PM

You'll learn strategies like Butterfly, Zero Hero & Condors.

This masterclass is for traders who want to master the expiries of Nifty, Bank Nifty & Fin. Nifty in rangebound, reveral and trending markets.

Live Masterclass on
Sunday, April 28 | 7 PM - 11 PM

Live session recordings will also be shared for 1 year

What you will learn?

This 4 Hr. masterclass will provide unique strategies and techniques to find high RR trade setups.

Key Butterfly🚀

This is Non Directional Option Selling Strategy to Tackle Rangebound and Reversal Expiries.

Its our most preferred & popular strategy for almost all markets.

Zero / Hero🚀

3 Unique Zero - Hero Strategies with high Reward to Risk Ratio (Option Buying)

new Condor Stratgey Added 🚀

This is designed for volatile expiry sessions where its fully uncertain on how the markets are going to behave.

Planning 🚀

✅ Understanding the dynamics of expiry day trading.

✅ Identifying high-probability trading opportunities

Strikes Selection 🚀

If you pick wrong strikes on expiry, you will end up making loss even if you follow everything else perfectly. 

You will understand the right strike selection methods backed by logic

risk management 🚀

✅ You can do well in expiry even with 50% win rate if RR is followed.

✅ Risk Management blue print detailed discussion.

These are a few expiry-day trades that were triggered recently based on our strategies 👇🏻

Meet Your Mentor

CA Arun Bau

 Chartered Accountant

 CFA Level 3 Candidate

 Price Action & Options Trader

 5 Years of Experience

 Mentored 5000+ Traders

The blueprint for risk management to plan expiry week properly.

3 Main Pre-requisits to Master Expiry Day Trading 👇


🔰 Risk Management

The main edge in expiry trading comes when you stick to the risk management blueprint as detailed above.

Two main rules are not to risk more than 2% of capital a day and not to risk more than 4% a week.


🔰 Greed Control

While trading Zero Hero Strategies, it will be exciting to take random trades since the premiums will be less.

However, you must only enter a trade  if the strategy triggers. When it doesn't trigger, you must learn to not take any trades and be patient enough.


🔰 basic knowledge

Its suggested to have at least some basic knowledge about Options Trading so that you can easily understand the Strategies & Concepts in 4 Hrs of Masterclass.

Bonuses 🎉

Life Time Access to Masterclass E-book

1 Year access to Live Batch Recordings

Level up your Expiry Day Trading Skills


Where to attend the live session after enroling?

You will be getting a link of Telegram Group 1 day before the Masterclass. All the Details will be mentioned there including the Zoom links & bonuses.

Platfrom & Language

The Live Sessions will be Conducted on Zoom and it will be in Basic English.

Further Queries?

If you have any other questions, you can mail us on and you will get a response with in 12 Hrs.